Goal: Fast for 7 days.

Outcome: The first two days were great, but I had a massive headache throughout the third day, and I ended up eating just after the third day ended. I took a full day off but decided to end the week strong by doing another three-day fast. On the second day, I pushed myself in my workout and even went for a run (my first in three months). After that, I felt I’d proven all I wanted to myself, so I decided to stop one day early.

Takeaways: I learned a lot during this challenge. Not only did I prove to myself that my limitations are self-imposed, but I realized fasting isn’t that hard. The hunger comes and goes, but the cravings don’t usually last very long. The worst part was the headache. Not only did it make it nearly impossible for me to focus, but I felt sluggish, weak, and tired. In order to function at my best and live the type of life I want, I must eat at least once a day.

Conclusion: I’m super happy I did this challenge, but I think I’ll stick with intermittent fasting, which is what I’ve been doing for most of my life. I’m looking forward to my next challenge.