I really needed this challenge. Why? Because I was way behind on my projects, and I kept encountering delays. As a high performer and a recovering perfectionist, I tended to set high expectations for myself and failing to live up to those expectations usually led to feelings of failure and inadequacy. That was why I needed this challenge.

So, how did it go? Well… it’s hard to say. Most of the expectations we set for ourselves and the ones around us are subconscious, so I have no way of determining whether this challenge was a success or a failure. I can, however, affirm with the utmost certainty that I really enjoyed it. Not only was I happier, but I was more present with those around me, and I noticed the small things that normally go unnoticed.

But it wasn’t all great. Not only was I WAY less productive than usual, but I stopped exercising, and I only performed the most urgent of tasks. But it was worth it. By the end of the week, I was feeling reenergized and happier than I had in quite a while, which is impressive given how joyful I usually am :). I really recommend this challenge. Seriously. Try it. You’ll be surprised how liberating it is.