Things are getting progressively more intense as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread. The schools are now shut down, countless businesses are closing, and people are being asked to stay home. There are even rumours floating around that military law is about to come into effect. In other words, the future has never been more uncertain. As such, I chose a relatively simple challenge for my twelfth week.

I stopped stressing and removed all forms of expectation from my daily life. In other words, I did everything I normally would, but I purposefully avoided feeling guilty whenever I failed to complete a task.

It was awesome.

It wasn’t always easy—I’m a recovering perfectionist, so failing is never fun—but I managed to lower my expectations enough that I removed nearly all stress from my life. It’s possible this altered state caused me to be less productive than I normally would have been, but it was worth the mental rest that resulted from the experiment. Going forward, I’ll do my best to avoid worrying about the things I can’t change and the things that have already happened while attempting to maximize my productivity and my enjoyment of the activities I perform.